ln this policy words carrying masculine shall include feminine, and words carrying plural shall include single form, words referring to a natural person shall include the legal person; the punctuation will not be taken into consideration in the interpretation of this policy document, should any connotation of the words carrying any inconsistency or inconsistent meaning the meaning of the Oxford dictionary shall prevail.

Machai lodges group policy effective from 1n February 2013.



Reservation made by a travel agent, travel broker and or tour operator for a customer Machai lodges group will only confirm reservation or booking on receipt of full payment.

Reservation made by national, provincial and or local government, Machai lodges group will only confirm such reservation on receipt of government order;( should reservation be made via travel agent company; such reservation will only be confirmed after receipt of voucher ASA certification and undertaking that confirms that money will be paid 45daysof service; and by venture of such,Machai lodge group have first preference over all such agent creditors or debtors should there be liquidation; bankruptcy or sequestration);should any legal or juristic person fail to inform Machai lodge group of such,liquidation/bankruptcy or sequestration,that act warrant Machai lodges group to elect to pursue personal civil or criminal charges against that director or member(s) of such company,close corporation or partnership; should any party doing business with Machai group default any terms of this policy he or she will be responsible for all legal cost that Machai group will incur.


Reservation made by insurance, medical aid or medical aid schemes administrator, Telkom or Eskom, and any other Governmental Companies or institutions; the reservation or booking will be confirmed after receipt of company order.



Any cancellation made 96 hours before the date of service Machai lodges group will refund 100% of the amount received; if order or voucher it will be cancelled nil fee. Any cancellation made 72 hours before the date of service Machai lodges group will refund 50% of the amount received ( this means 0% administration fee); if the order or voucher Machai group will charge (invoice ) fifty percent of the value of the order or voucher.

Any cancellation made 48 hours or less before the date of service Machai lodges group will refund nil of the amount received {this means 100% administration fee); if the order or voucher Machai group will charge (invoice) full value of the order or voucher.



Should any of Machai lodges group facility be prevented from rendering service due to force ma-jeure the group will arrange for an alternative facility or refund the full amount paid (whatever will be convenient to the customer).


Any person making a reservation if he/she is to be accompanied by a child younger than ten years he has to notify, so that proper arrangements may be made in anticipation for a comfortable stay. Machai lodges group will not accept a claim from anyone or person, claiming lack of knowledge of the group policy; anyone dealing with the Group is taken as having accepted the policy and is bound by it; unless prior arrangement with Machai group CEO has been made to waive any condition embedded in this group policy and such waiver has been confirmed in writing.


Machai lodges group mean: Machai lodges Hazyview, Machai lodge Badplaas, MM Nelspruit lodge, and Far East country lodge. This has been done and signed in Nelspruit on this 1n day of January 2012.


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